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Services for Law Firms

Our Organization conducts scientific analyses in the interpersonal and legal context both directly and with the aid of qualified professionals which allow to verify decisive facts for the gathering of evidence before a trial or for the prosecution of the investigation.

In the legal system, there is a recognized “right to evidence,” i.e. to search for evidence in support of a defense in a trial, whether as plaintiffs, defendants, or in any other capacity.

Services for Law Firms

  • Criminal investigations
  • Confidential investigations
  • Investigations for gathering evidence for separation and divorce proceedings
  • Asset and financial investigations
  • Investigations on custody of minors
  • Investigations on authors of crimes
  • Location of debtors
  • Investigation of deceit by employees, partners and associates
  • Investigations of behavior
  • Investigations of financial reliability
  • Investigations of breaches of contract
  • Insurance investigations
  • Location of persons
  • Location of evidence and rebutting of evidence
  • Location of witnesses