“To the First Woman National President FEDERPOL; Worth and devotion to have raised the image and the professionalism.”

“To the Partner LAURA GIULIANI National President FEDERPOL with gratitude and appreciation. The Executive board”

“LAURA GIULIANI W.A.D. MEMBER World Association of Detectives, INC. 2003″

“From FEDERPOL to General Secretary LAURA GIULIANI, for her invaluable contribution to our industry”

About Us

The Giuliani Investigations is a dynamic and qualified international Investigative Agency. We offer to Companies, Law Firms, Professionals and Private individuals the opportunity to know facts and to get evidence which can be exhibited in the judicial court.

Our goal is to support with reliable proof decisions to be made in the private, legal or judicial context providing the necessary information to plan strategies, agreements and trials and above all to prevent negative consequences in every situation.

The Agency was founded and is directed by the owner Laura Giuliani who received the Government Authorization (No. 10545/15E) to exercise the activity of private investigation and business information, as well as the Government Authorization (No. 61/12B 15E) to search and individualize evidence for the purposes of judicial defense on appointment by the defenders.

Both the authorizations were released on the basis of the experience gained in Italy and abroad since 1983 and were confirmed in 2012 in accordance with the Ministerial Decree dated 1st September 2010 which became Law on 26th March 2011.