Giuliani Investigazioni


Trust. Networkiing. Global connections. And effective local support. There’s a new initiative to take our organization to the next level. And it’s time to get started.

1983-2018 35° Anniversary


«To promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigator or security service». Listed as the top purpose of WAD, this noble endeavornonetheless finds only limited possibilities of practical application throughout the remaining contents of the association’s Bylaws. In each participating nation, there are different laws, different lawmaking, jurisdictinal and procedural principles at work; different associative structures, different relations with the local institutionsthat control our working licenses (where applicable) or ouroverall activities; also, different ways of managing media relations.

Clearly, the top priority for our professional agenda has to be the optimization of our operativity (on all levels: territorial, technical, factual), and the extension of ourexpertise (exclusive assignments, an increased cooperation with courts and attorney’s offices) in several fields; in short, the maximisation of our range of activities, regulated by clear and innovative lawmaking wherever possible; in countries where legislation is either insufficient or too limiting for the field of private investigation, we shall at the very leastendeavour to bring about progress.

Nor is this Italian experience unique: WAD boasts a proven track record of many more positive interventions both on the national and continental levels. With this in mind, I endeavoured to get the ball rolling on a far-reaching WAD project of mentoring and support with all local organizations that include WAD members within their ranks. After extensive consultation and greenlighting by the elected Officers, the Board cametogether in Miami last april and approved this project.