Giuliani Investigazioni

Investigations since 1983.

Services for Companies

In the business context it is often necessary to gather information in order to protect the firm and to make appropriate decisions. The acquisition of this knowledge trough a professional investigation gives the possibility of preventing your Company from the risk of damaging episodes.

Services for Private Individuals

In this area Giuliani Investigations provides the solution to all problems concerning the professional, economic and personal sphere of the Individual, always guaranteeing the highest level of confidentiality and providing evidence to be exhibited both in-court and out-of-court setting.

Services for Law Firms

Our Organization conducts scientific analyses in the interpersonal and legal context both directly and with the aid of qualified professionals which allow to verify decisive facts for the gathering of evidence before a trial or for the prosecution of the investigation.


Absolute confidentiality, regarding both formal and informal contacts among the Agency, the Client, the Personnel and the Third parties in strict compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and subsequent measures.


Professional skills, in regards to both theory, obtained through the knowledge and study of legal, business, economic, psychological, criminological, etc. issues, and in practice, achieved thanks to the assistance of highly specialized personnel for all sectors of information and through the use of technologically advanced procedures.


Reliability of the Organization, regarding the quality and the completeness of the offered services as well as the promptness of execution, achieved through the internal division of responsibilities among the personnel who, with over thirty  years of experience, work exclusively with Giuliani Investigations.

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